Tarvas Bullets

  1. High strength brass bullet ensures durability at bone hits. Extremely low barrel fouling ensures high accuracy shot after shot. Reduces the need of cleaning with solvents or paste. Environtally safe material.
  2. Special open cavity without plastic nose ensures reliable opening at wide speed range right from the surface regardless of the point of impact 
  3. The nose and ogive is designed to give flawless feeding on every type of magazine and rifle
  4. The ogive is designed to create effective terminal ballistics together with the open cavity. Good external ballistic enables even long game shots with adequate downrange speed at impact
  5. Groves on the shank of the bullet helps the bullet to deform into the rifling and reduces chamber pressures
  6. Extremely tight manufacturing tolerances both diameter, roundness (/O/) and weight ensures high accuracy when shot with a good quality rifle
  7. Boat tail to further increase downrange ballistics